Notes when making a North korea trip

North Korea or DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is considered as one of the region of war, armies and weapons, nuclear missile. This is an understandable conception because there were many significant historical as well as political events which shape global travelers mind of this land. As a result, not many people are ready to visit and discover the beauty of North Korea, resulting from its danger like imagination of almost people and reports from news and social media. However, we would like to state that DPRK is completely safe country to travel. The article will provide you things you may wish to take note when make a North korea trip.
Travelling expenses
When you engage with a tour provider, here we recommend a trusted partner in organizing Asia tour – Asia Sense Travel, you need to know what is included and excluded in your tour price.  Asia Sense’s tour price includes: Free North Korea visa, a flight or train from Beijing to Pyongyang or from Dandong to Pyongyang according to your demands and plus flight from Pyongyang back to Beijing. 8-night accommodation which contains 7 nights in DPRK and 1 night on train, every meal on the tour with a complimentary beer and water for each meal are also available for you in the package. You also accompany with 2 local English speaking Korean in your journey to help you with language barrier or knowledge enhancement. The tour also gives you other free things like bottled drinking water or transportation fee in North Korea. However, with things which are excluded, you have to make preparation completely by yourself, for example, Chinese Visa (because you will depart from Beijing, China), insurances of travel or medical, personal expense such as telephone, shopping, souvenirs and so on. 
Specially, this tour can be designed and organized privately any time of year, depending on your schedule and your requirements. About other expense may raise during the trip, they are tips for Korean guide team, which costs 5-10 EUR per person per day on group tours; flowers for historical monuments costing about 20 RMB per bouquet, concert ticket in Pyongyang (200 RMB); special dishes (260 RMB per person); taking cooking class in Kaesong or Pyongyang costing 100 EUR per class; Pyongyang Marathon race (50 EUR per person). You even may buy gifts and souvenirs for family and friends: spirits, cup of cakes, cosmetic, posters, stamps, clothes with North Korea logo and so on.
Crucial notes
You have to know that DPRK has ranked the fourth in the world for the largest military force which includes one million personnel and 800,000 reserve troops. Therefore, you can see soldiers everywhere and imagine how serious travelling rules are. You need to stay with your tour guides all the time, if you want to walk around, you will need to ask for their permissions. This will prevent you from unnecessary mess such as being suspected as spy and so on. Complying with the rules is an important tip for safety completely. Besides, when travelling there, you should bring along low-heel shoes because of difficult terrains and dress polite clothes.

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